About the Project

Neurosex Pornoia is a queer, womanlesbiantrans*inter, diy project, initiated in Berlin 2013 by Eric and Abigail Gnash as a space of experimentation and learning around the possibilities of queer feminist porn. This vision is conected to wider international community of feminist filmmakers, pornographers, artists and activists, coming together in events such as the berlin pornfilmfestival or the entzaubert noncommercial diy film festival, and whose work inevitably feeds into this project. Within feminist queer porn, we were particularly interested in postporn as a genre that allows to explore sexuality and sexually explicit material, reclaiming the pornographic,  but not primarily seeking to be a turn on for the audience. We were also interested in the possibilities of the intersection of queerness and science fiction and biotechnofantasies.

We wrote a baseline story in episodes and started working on the first episode. The episodic format, apart from being much more manageable for a nobudget project, allows to integrate new elements, to shift the narrative, to increase the complexity of the story, etc as we evolve creatively and politically. Our way of working is open and collaborative. Each episode reflects the synergies from the team, resulting from the creative encounter and exchange of the different backgrounds, experiences and interests of the members. This project would not be possible without the existing networks of support and the readiness to share ressources within the queer community in Berlin and beyond.

Press / Texts

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