Neurosex Pornoia

Neurosex Pornoia Episode 1

Witness the creation of a neurosex code through the  recording of the neurological data of two human sources while they fuck. However, this particular neurosex code is not meant to bring pleasure..

Year of Production: 2014

Running Time: 09:45

Language: English

Direction & Script        Eric Pussyboy, Abigail Gnash

Performers                     Mad Kate, Ganymede, Eric Pussyboy

Camera                            Katy Lovetron, Abigail Gnash, Eric Pussyboy

Sound                               Kanchi Wichmann

Edit                                    Eric Pussyboy


Neurosex Pornoia Episode 2

Meet Z_1021, caught in a spiral of desperation and frustration, imprisoned in a neurologically improved society, and enter the secret world of neurosex code users and online infrastructure.


Year of Production: 2015

Running Time: 10:46

Language: English

Direction                        Eric Pussyboy, Abigail Gnash

Scrip                                 Eric Pussyboy, Abigail Gnash, Ze Royale

Performers                     Ze Royale, Pol

Camera                            Katy Lovetron, Eric Pussyboy, Amber, Abigail Gnash

Sound                               DYCE

Edit                                    Eric Pussyboy, Abigail Gnash