Neurosex Pornoia

Neurosex Pornoia Episode 1

Witness the creation of a neurosex code through the  recording of the neurological data of two human sources while they fuck. However, this particular neurosex code is not meant to bring pleasure..

Year of Production: 2014

Running Time: 09:45

Language: English

Direction & Script        Eric, Abigail Gnash

Performers                     Mad Kate, Ganymede, Eric

Camera                            Katy Lovetron, Abigail Gnash, Eric

Sound                               Kanchi Wichmann

Edit                                    Eric


Neurosex Pornoia Episode 2

Meet Z_1021, caught in a spiral of desperation and frustration, imprisoned in a neurologically improved society, and enter the secret world of neurosex code users and online infrastructure.


Year of Production: 2015

Running Time: 10:46

Language: English

Direction                        Eric, Abigail Gnash

Scrip                                 Eric, Abigail Gnash, Ze Royale

Performers                     Ze Royale, Pol

Camera                            Katy Lovetron, Eric, Amber, Abigail Gnash

Sound                               DYCE

Edit                                    Eric, Abigail Gnash